Animated by the passion of drawing since my childhood, I decided some time ago to make it my job.

After having worked during 7 years in physics and chemistry science field, I decided to take a new challenge and take a new turn.


I thought about this during a long time because I had not the level to live of my passion yet. So I studied drawing techniques for the first time, alone on the evening after work.

After a year, seeing my progression and after a long reflexion, I decided to take the plunge.


So here I am as a passionate illustrator, more determined than ever to enhance my drawing skills, to make my creativity explode and take new challenges with you!

What I really love in what I do today is creating visual universes to make people traveling, to give life to original characters and concepts and to invent dreams where  people can escape a few moments.


I hope you will like my work, feel free to contact me to talk about your projects!